“Here’s Why The Pill Club Placed a Uterus Vending Machine in NYC,” by Sara Century, Adweek

The global sexual wellness market is expected to reach $41.6 billion by the year 2027. Yet social stigma, particularly when it comes to healthcare that doesn’t apply directly to cisgender men, remains a major hurdle for access to things like birth control. According to The Pill Club, getting contraception should be as easy as visiting… Read more »

“Local company cashing in on new retail selling trend” by Kara Driscoll, Dayton Daily News

As retailers obsess over ways to improve consumer experience in brick-and-mortar stores, West Carrollton-based Innovative Vending Solutions is cashing in on the next big industry trend – automated retail technology. From clothing retailers to grocery store chains, retailers are using automated technology like kiosks and self-pay stations to make the shopping experience more efficient for… Read more »

“Miller High Life Champagne bottle vending machine arrives in New York” by Peter Frost, Behind the Beer

Miller High Life’s limited-edition Champagne bottles now have a custom vending machine to showcase their distinctive look, and it has landed in New York. The Champagne of Beers, which for the second consecutive year released 750-milliliter bottles for the holiday season, is holding three bar events this week in the city to toast the holidays,… Read more »

“Seven Vending Machine Experiences That Dispensed Brand Engagement” from Event Marketer

Vending machines are nothing new in the experiential world, but the interactive devices have been resurfacing in a variety of activations, giving brands a chance to elevate their swag drops, offer personalized experiences and educate consumers. Many are still used as a form of social currency, offering merchandise in exchange for social media posts, while… Read more »

“Measure your foot size on a smartphone, new Nike store opens in Shibuya” by Rintaro Kaneko, Engadget

Nike, a major sports equipment company, will open a new store “NIKE BY SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE” on the 2nd floor of the east building of Shibuya Scramble Square, a complex facility that opens on November 1st. You can experience “Nike Fit”, which measures the size of your feet with a smartphone camera and suggests the optimal… Read more »

“Nike is the second digital store in the world with a new concept in Shibuya” by Ishizuka, WWD Japan

Nike will open its new store “NIKE BY SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE” on the 2nd floor of the commercial facility “Shibuya Scramble Square” which will open on November 1. The store area is 176 square meters. In addition to the store’s exclusive products, men’s and women’s wear and shoes, it also provides services linked to the Nike… Read more »