What We Do

Automated Retail Is Our Passion

What We Do

IVS delivers the most cutting-edge and technologically advanced automated retail solutions. With low costs of entry, no large up-front investments, and no minimum order requirements, IVS positions itself to work on any automated retail project. From large corporations to small mom-and-pop operations, from pilot tests to final roll-out, IVS can handle it all.

IVS designs and offers top quality automated retail solutions to fit a variety of industries and product. Each individual system can be customized and designed to fit your specific product, brand, image, location, or event. For whatever environment you are looking to meet, IVS will provide the solution to suit your needs.

IVS provides several different ways to help get you and your brand / company on board within the automated retail industry. Our business strategies will help keep your up-front costs / investment to a minimum, while making this an appealing endeavor for both parties. Our goal is to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients and strategic partners. Trust IVS to be your leader in the automated retail industry. We believe in being honest and in the power of a hand-shake.

IVS Automated Retail Machine Options

  • Cash and coin acceptance

  • Credit and debit card acceptance

  • Custom coupon acceptance

  • Employee ID and RFID acceptance

  • Remote back-end monitoring software

  • Dedicated back-end management website

  • Optional touch-screen user interface

  • Custom e-commerce integration

  • Email receipt capabilities

  • Custom aesthetic branding

  • Custom powder-coating option

  • Wireless internet capable

  • Coil, hanging helix, elevator delivery options

  • SecureVend guaranteed product delivery