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IVS Software

Code Entry

The company / brand will give out unique “codes” to each participant at an event. These unique codes will be entered at the machine to trigger a vend. The codes can be used repeatedly or make it “one-and-done.”

Badge Scanning

Great for trade shows, the machine will ask the user to scan their badge at the machine in order to receive a free product. We collect all of the badge data on the back-end. This also is a key component of our inventory control applications as well (see Inventory Control section for more details.)

Quiz / Survey

The consumer will take a brief survey / quiz on the touch-screen of the machine. They can receive a free product for simply taking the survey / quiz, or we can dispense a specific product based on the score that they receive (ie. Higher score = Better prize.) We pull all of the quiz answers post-event and send a report to the client.

Data Capture

The consumer will fill out their data into blank spaces on the screen. We can collect almost any kind of data that is requested.

Auto-Generated Email

The consumer will be prompted to enter their email address on-screen. Once that is entered, our software will automatically ensure that is a valid email and send them an auto-generated email with all of the information that the client would like (ie. “Thanks for using our machine, now take this coupon to the store for 20% off.”)

Point of Sale

The consumer will select product to purchase via the touch-screen. They will add product to their shopping cart and be prompted to check-out and pay, much like a website. Once they are ready to check-out, they will swipe their credit card for payment. The payment is approved and the consumer is prompted to enter their email to have a receipt sent to them.

NFC / Mobile Wallet Payments

For this, the machine will be equipped with an NFC reader that will allow the consumer to tap their phone / badge or any number of NFC enabled devices to activate the machine or pay for a product via a tap.

Custom Coupon Acceptance

A bit more basic, but still acts as a great way to give away product. The machine will accept custom coupons, which can be designed by you, and are handed out to the consumer. The consumer will then insert the coupon into the machine, which will then allow them to select a free item from the machine.


We can also combine most of these applications to make for a multi-platform machine (ie. Take a survey and then tweet at the end to release the prize.)

Custom Applications

In addition to these, we can offer custom applications based on the experience you are looking for. From simply custom software applications for the machine, to custom fabrication / machinery as well. If you have a unique concept or application you’d like to incorporate into the machine, we can help with that.

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