Usage & Applications

How and what.

Custom Gift Card Dispensing Vending Machine

Usage & Applications

Our machines feature robust usage & applications — helping you dispense any product, from t-shirts and apparel to electronics to the controlled dispensing of office supplies, tools, and medicines. Please see below for the different applications and environments in which our machines can benefit the end-user.

Remote Management

From t-shirts to caps and even undergarments, this application will allow you to dispense almost any apparel product. This application is ideal for apparel companies, screen printers, tourist areas, colleges, schools, fund raisers, bars, airports, etc.

Video Games & DVDs

Control your inventory and reduce shrinkage by implementing an automated dispensing unit to replace the DVD and video game displays within your retail outlet. The machines are also ideal for off-site locations as well.

Footwear, Socks, & Sandals

Whether it’s sandals on the beach, socks in the gym, or slip-on footwear in the night-club, this application will allow you to dispense these necessities on location immediately.

Ink Cartridges

Great for office environments, this application allows you to dispense a wide variety of ink cartridges. The machine also allows for the return of used ink cartridges for a merchandise credit, allowing the end-user to apply that credit to a future purchase.

The “Automated Tool Crib”

Allow your employees to dispense as well as check-out and return tool products in a secure environment. Helps to control inventory and reduce waste.

Medical Supplies

An ideal way to dispense controlled medical supplies in environments such as hospitals or other EMS locations. Employees have access to products within machine via employee ID scan, PIN, or even a biometric finger-print scanner. Dedicated back-end website allows you to control access and keep tabs on inventory. Keep your EMS inventory controlled and secured with this application.


This application is an ideal complement to your current spirit or book store. Great for spirit wear and/or school supplies, this application is an ideal fund-raising tool for schools and universities. Dispense branded merchandise such as t-shirts, pens/pencils, phone cases, caps, water bottles, koozies, decals, USB drives, etc.


Keep your guests happy with this application. Easily utilizes the room-key as an alternative method of payment and works great for dispensing items such as toiletries, sundries, branded merchandise, etc.

Health Clubs

Great revenue generator for health clubs, especially those that operate on a 24/7 basis. Dispense items such as t-shirts, towels, gloves, headphones, tanning goggles, socks, etc. Utilize member ID badge as form of payment and allow customer to have bill added on to monthly membership fee.

Sunglasses, Accessories etc.

This application is great for higher priced/higher theft items that need to be placed behind lock-and-key. Great for in-store displays to control inventory, or for placement in off-site locations. Items that can be dispensed include sunglasses, watches, jewelry, gold/silver, etc.

Cologne, Perfume & Makeup

Control the dispensing of your higher-priced or best selling perfumes, colognes and makeup via this application. Great for full bottles, small bottles, or even samples. Can be set-up to have testers available on outside of machine.


The most well known Automated Retail Application, thanks to the iPod, is the electronics vending machine. This application is great for areas such as airports, colleges, gyms, hotels, etc. Products that can be dispensed include MP3 players, digital cameras, USB drives, CD/DVD discs, headphones, etc.

Baby Products

Great for malls, airports, hospitals, and theme parks, the baby product vending machine is a great application for the parent on-the-go. Dispense such necessity items as diapers, formulas, rattles, bottles, toys, etc. in the direct location of the end-user. By keeping guests happy, this application is a great service to both the customer and location alike.

The “Automated Supply Closet”

Worried about your employees sneaking off with a few extra parts from the supply closet? This application will allow real-time inventory control of items such as office supplies, electronics, and accessories via the swipe of an employee ID badge or a designated employee PIN. Track which employee checks-out which product, how many of each product they check-out, and how frequently they check-out said product. You can also control which employees have access to which product, via the dedicated back-end website.

Snacks & Sodas

Although our specialty is automated retail, there are still those that are looking to dispense the traditional snacks and soda via a more technologically advanced machine. Great for almost any location.