Social Media Activated Vending Machines

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Social Media Activated Vending Machines


Our Social Media Activated vending machines are turn key solutions which can dispense almost any product, from snacks to t-shirts. If you want to vend it, IVS can make it happen. IVS offers Twitter & Instagram activated vending machines. Machines are offered as a Purchase or Rental. We also offer in-house financing options.

IVS’ Twitter-Activated Vending machine is a turn-key machine package. All you will need is power and an internet connection. Each Twitter-activated vending machine incorporates a touch-screen interface to display the instructions to the user. Dispensing happens in two easy steps.

Two Easy Steps

  • 1. The user will be prompted to “tweet” a specific #hashtag to a dedicated @handle from their mobile device.

  • 2. Once the user tweets the @ and #, a product is immediately dispensed from the machine. Thats it!

Configuration Options

Our Twitter application can be configured to dispense items in a variety of ways:

  • 1. We can incorporate an @handle and one #hashtag to dispense the product in order, until the machine is emptied.

  • 2. We can incorporate an @handle, one main #hashtag, as well as a specific #hashtag for a specific product in the machine. For example, the tweet would read “@the company #freeswag #tshirt.”

  • 3. We can incorporate an @handle and one #hashtag to dispense items randomly within the machine. This allows you to keep it simple with one hashtag, but to give the user the extra “surprise” of having the machine randomly pick their prize. Our machine utilizes a unique hashtag that is specific to the machine, so you have to be standing directly in front of the machine in order to utilize this functionality.

Machine Specs

Each machine includes the following:

  • Custom Branded Graphics Wrap

  • Custom User-Interface

  • Social Media – Integrated Software (Twitter & Instagram)

  • 15” Touch-screen with Built-in PC

  • Internal Product Configuration

  • Machines require 120 VAC / 60 Hz

  • Internet:  Hard-wired or 3G / 4G USB Aircard

  • Production Lead-time:  2-4 Weeks


How will we prevent someone from Tweeting anywhere other than the machine and causing the machine to keep vending?

We offer a unique method to where the consumer has to literally be directly in front of the machine at that moment in time to trigger the machine to vend. Once it vends, it will not vend on retweets.

Can we limit the number of times someone can Tweet / Share?

Yes, we can make this unlimited, one Tweet / Share per day, or set a specified amount of time before the consumer can interact with the machine again.

Will items randomly dispense or does the consumer get to choose their specific item?

Either way. We can set it up to randomly dispense or allow the consumer to choose specific items, such as the size of a t-shirt.

What is needed to run the machine on-site?

Standard power: 120VAC / 60Hz / 1.5 amps and Internet connectivity: wifi / hardline / 3g / 4g aircard.

Does a user’s account need to be public for this to work?


What kind of analytics can you pull post-event?

With Twitter, we can pull the user handle, the actual tweet, number of tweets, retweets, favorites, and total reach. For Instagram, we can pull the user handle and number of total posts.

Are these only available within the USA?

No. Our machines are offered worldwide without issue. We currently have machines in Canada, Mexico, UAE, Australia, UK, Japan, etc…

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