Inventory Control

Reduce shrinkage.

Inventory Control


The Automated-Inventory-System, or AIS, allows companies to replace their existing supply closets with an automated, secure machine that allows shrinkage to be reduced. The AIS dispenses product to the employees based on multiple forms of verification, from ID badge to pin-code. All dispenses are cataloged, time-stamped and can be regulated based on clearance level.

The AIS collects all dispensing history and alerts for low stock, expiring product, out-of-stocks, and creates a pick-list for restock. All of this information can be pulled from the dedicated website to correspond and integrate with software you currently utilize within the workplace.

IVS Does not require that you purchase any product from us to supply within the machine. We solely provide the machine as a vehicle to manage your own inventory. Once we provide the machine, we are no longer involved in your day-to-day operation. Some key benefits and highlights of the management software are listed below:

  • Authorized professionals can use existing identification methods and can include a combination of: – Pin number – Proximity card reader – Bar code ID scanner – Biometric (fingerprint) reader – Camera.
  • Dispensing data is available online 24/7 and accessible through a secure login.
  • Usage reports, re-stock lists, inventory position and other management reports can be generated and printed online or can be exported / imported into your billing / tracking software.
  • Access for restocking machine can be restricted by an electronic lock that requires ID to open machine.
  • Alerts can be sent to key personnel through a variety of alerts.
  • Can be configured to control the temperature in a zone to maintain a constant level if necessary.
  • Track the inventory in your stock room or so that the complete chain of products can be tracked for reordering and restocking status.