“Digital Vending Machine Rentals for Marketing & Events” By Jeff Thibodeau, VP Operations

By Jeff Thibodeau, VP Operations Innovative Vending Solutions offers a variety of digital vending machine rentals that can be utilized for events, tradeshows, and marketing/PR purposes. We frequently get asked if we rent vending machines. The answer is yes. We rent vending machines, sell vending machines, and rent vending machines with an option to purchase…. Read more »

“Could my company benefit from a SWAG vending machine?” By Jeff Thibodeau, VP Operations

By Jeff Thibodeau, VP Operations Right now, in the custom vending machine market, there is a big interest from companies in all sizes and markets for investment opportunities in SWAG vending machines. Companies are looking to utilize SWAG vending machines to either sell or gift company-branded items to employees, guests, or tradeshow visitors. As many… Read more »

“In partnership with JetBlue, Newark rolls out book vending machines at libraries and rec centers” by Natalie Duddridge, CBS New York

NEWARK, N.J. — New vending machines have popped up in Newark, but they’re not what you’d expect. They have swapped candy for books. As CBS2’s Natalie Duddridge reported Tuesday, it’s designed to encourage a summer of reading for students. Instead of buying soda or snacks, the digital vending machine at Van Buren Library offers food… Read more »

“TD Solar Powered Vending Machine Enables Company To Lower Carbon Footprint” from Vending Connection

Vending machines are in use around the world, and they’ve been a part of everyday life for over 100 years now, but most vending machines are still not solar–powered, that is, at least until now.   Companies like Canada’s Toronto Dominion Bank (TD) are using solar–powered vending machines to sell product and build brand awareness… Read more »

“Here’s Why The Pill Club Placed a Uterus Vending Machine in NYC,” by Sara Century, Adweek

The global sexual wellness market is expected to reach $41.6 billion by the year 2027. Yet social stigma, particularly when it comes to healthcare that doesn’t apply directly to cisgender men, remains a major hurdle for access to things like birth control. According to The Pill Club, getting contraception should be as easy as visiting… Read more »