“Custom Claw Machine for Events” by Jeff Thibodeau, VP Operations

Custom Claw Machine

Custom PacSun Claw Machine

By Jeff Thibodeau, VP Operations

You all remember the game growing up and you probably are still intrigued when you pass one by in the grocery store or an arcade center…the claw machine. The claw machine has always been a fan favorite and is impossible to resist giving your money to the machine in return for a chance to win that stuffed animal you know is just easily waiting to be snatched up! Innovative Vending Solutions has created a custom claw machine that capitalizes on this irresistible engagement…and takes it a step further. It is now a valuable tool for your brand to engage with your guests or potential clients!

What it is and how it works:

IVS has taken the traditional claw machine and modernized, digitized and customized it to become the event and brand asset that is perfect for your event, tradeshow, or marketing stunt. The IVS custom claw machine functions much like the traditional claw machine, but IVS has taken our proprietary software and hardware and combined them to create a unique experience. No longer are your guests putting in a “token” to play the machine…we have incorporated a 10” touchscreen seamlessly into the machine that will allow your guests to either enter data, scan a QR code, enter a pin code, take a quiz/survey, and any number of other applications, with the end result being a free chance to play the claw. The consumer engagement is the currency.

What it includes:

The IVS custom claw machines are turn-key and ready for your event. Each claw machine will include the custom graphic wrap, 10” touchscreen, custom UX, and the software application of your choice. The machine will ship directly to your event, utilize standard power and be plug-and-play ready for use once on-site. If needed, a local IVS technician can arrive on-site to get the machine up and running, ensure it is all good to go for your event, and train your staff on how to use it and restock it. It’s that simple.

What type of product/swag can go in the claw?

The great thing about the IVS claw machine is that it does not have to only hold stuffed animals. The claw can hold all types of different swag, while some items may need to be packaged or put into spheres to be able to be picked up, almost anything can be put inside. From t-shirts, caps, koozies, gift cards, grand prizes, and so on, the options are limitless. What we have seen done that really engages the crowd is to put the grand prize/high dollar item in the claw, and see your guests line up for hours for their chance to grab that treasured item!

Can I rent the claw machine for my event?

Yes, all IVS custom claw machines can be either offered as a rental or purchase. Normally, a rental is preferred by IVS’ clients, as they may only have a short term event where this machine is needed. The rental could be for as short as one day up to as long as multiple months, with the pricing really being based on a case-by-case basis of duration of the rental, quantity of machines, etc. The machines are also available for purchase as well, if you feel that it is something that you will use again and again, or even use it as a permanent placement in your store or corporate lobby.

Will the claw machine be customized and wrapped for my brand?

As mentioned above, the IVS claw machines will include the custom graphic wrap and the custom user interface on the touchscreen. This is included in the rental or purchase price and is not an additional cost. We will send your design team a template to use for the design of the exterior vinyl wrap, as well as a template/specs of the user interface screens for the touchscreen, as well as past examples of what other clients have done for the user flow.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in using an IVS custom claw machine for your event, tradeshow, or marketing stunt, or if you are just planning for a future possibility, feel free to contact us. We are always willing to see what you are looking to do and are here to help make this a success for you!