An Automated Retail Solutions World Leader.

Why IVS?

Have peace of mind knowing that our machines were completely designed and manufactured in the USA. Each piece of equipment is guaranteed to meet certain specifications and will not leave our factories until our quality control is met. As machines are becoming more commonplace, we look to bring jobs to the market through our endeavors. Our machines are not meant to replace workers, but to compliment them.

Made In The U.S.A.

Machines designed and manufactured in the USA. Software developed and implemented in the USA. Onboard and remote system diagnostics and solutions. Parts service/ordering located in the USA.


  • Over 8 years of automated retail experience.

  • Continuing improvements and updates with development of technology and software to stay cutting-edge.

  • Onboard and remote system diagnostics and solutions.

  • Local technicians to service on-site issues.

  • Quality control services, procedures, and training.


  • New channels for product distribution and marketing exposure.

  • Direct market insertion.

  • Low cost machines and technology.

  • Economical monthly monitoring fees.

  • Self serve, 24/7/365 autonomous business.

  • Turnkey revenue generating system: advertising screens, SMS, email, e-commerce, data

  • Information capture, etc.


  • No high up-front costs of entry.

  • No minimum orders.

  • In-house software and development

  • In-house R&D department

Competitive pricing

  • Pre-manufactured & designed off-the-shelf solutions and technologies.

  • Flexibility

  • Custom configured systems to meet your specific product & need.

  • GUI custom software storyboards

  • Easy and simple remote monitoring, real-time back-end management.

  • Choice of three different delivery methods (helix, hanging helix, elevator).

  • Electrical outlet is all you need to start

  • Multi-payment system acceptance (credit, debit, gift card, cash, mobile payment, student ID, employee ID and Canadian payment integration capable)