Custom Built Vending Machines

Made from scratch.

Custom Built Adidas Vending Machine

Custom Built Vending Machines

For those that are looking for something more unique than an off-the-shelf solution, Innovative Vending Solutions offers custom built vending machines that are built to spec for the specific client. These units take as little as 3-4 weeks, and upwards of 6-12 weeks, depending on the depth of customization, specifications, requirements, add-ons, software, quantities, etc. Our custom built vending machines will vary in price depending on requirements and will often include non-recurring engineering fees. We will require a preliminary meeting/request a specifications sheet to determine what exactly you are looking for in a custom built vending machine and if it is feasible. Once the exact requirements have been laid out, IVS will then scope the project to determine exact costs. At that point, a final proposal will be presented to the client, which will include all final pricing and options. Some key points of IVS custom built vending machine are laid out below:

Exclusive & Proprietary Designs & Builds

  • 3 + week lead time.

  • No minimum order required.

  • May require one-time NRE fees.

  • Events & Custom configuration / design.

  • In-house design and engineering.

  • Custom installation setup and training.

  • Back-end product setup.

  • Support and training via online demo.

  • Multi forms of purchase.

  • Remote device integration (cell phone or handheld device).

custom built vending machines Custom iHeartRadio Vending Machine

Creative Branding

IVS has a graphics design team that can help facilitate the aesthetic design of your machine. From the graphics wrap to the touch-screen interface, we are here to offer our professional assistance. Please note, we do not require you to use your branding services, it is simply an option.

Custom Development

Once your individual requirements have been determined, IVS will begin the custom development of your machine from start to finish. From determining which machine will fit your needs to the customization we do to fit your specific product, IVS has a solution for everyone.

Machine Selection

IVS will work with you and your company to determine which machine will best fit what you’re looking for. We will not oversell you on something that you do not need, as there is a different solution for almost every customer depending on budget, location, product, etc. We will walk you through a checklist to determine whether you are looking for something basic or a more advanced model. We offer everything from basic cash acceptance to touch screen interfaces and credit/debit card acceptance.

Machine Technology & Options

Once we have worked together to determine which machine will work best, we will then discuss other options and technologies available to you. We can work together to decide whether you need the back-end remote management software or if your machine would be better with an all-in-one credit card reader, etc. Not every option will be beneficial for every scenario, so we operate on a case-by-case basis.

Available technology & options include:

  • Fluorescent lighting

  • LED lighting

  • Cash acceptance ($1, $5, $10, $20)

  • Coin change return ($1, $0.25, $0.10, $0.05)

  • Dollar bill change return

  • All-in-one credit / debit card acceptor

  • Credit and debit card acceptor via back-end software

  • Remote back-end management software

  • Numeric keypad

  • Touch screens (7”/17”– 46”)

  • Email receipt capability

  • Custom graphics

  • Custom powder coating

  • Guaranteed vend laser sensor

  • Coil, hanging helix, and elevator dispensing method

  • Closed front and glass front machines

  • Indoor and outdoor machines

Product Samples

Next, we will move on to the different products that you are looking to dispense from within the machine, called the product assortment. The type of products dispensed can vary greatly within a single machine, so we will require two samples of each for testing purposes.


IVS will help you with the design of your machine from start to finish. We will help you with everything from determining which machine fits what you’re looking for to the final details of the aesthetic branding. No minimum number of machines purchased is required for custom aesthetic design. We make sure the machine fits your brand, image, message and color scheme. Set yourself apart from the competition with a custom designed IVS machine.

Product Packaging

IVS will help you to determine the best method for the packaging of your product within the machine. This is what the customer is going to see, so you want to have an attractive product presentation. We have different methods of packaging and branding available. In many cases, pre-packaged retail items can dispense from the machines “as-is,” which streamlines the packaging and re-stocking processes. Items such as batteries, DVDs, pens, pencils, key chains, etc. will often have suitable retail packaging for the machine. Other items, such as t-shirts, caps, pants, etc. will have to be packaged in a specific way to dispense properly and to optimize the selection capacity within the machine.

Aesthetic Graphics Branding

This is where your company can get the most creative with our machines. The machines act not only as a sales tool, but also as an invaluable marketing and advertising tool. The machines will typically have 3-4 sides for graphic branding, depending on where you will be placing your machine. You will have the front, back and two sides available. The graphics offer great advertising space for your company’s logo, colors, messages, web address, phone number, physical address, product assortment images, etc. The graphic design is completely up to you, it can be as basic or as wildly creative as you like. We have a precise graphic template and spec sheet that will be provided to the customer, allowing you to design your own graphics. However, we do have our own art department that will be more than happy to help with the design of your graphics (high-resolution images and graphics must be supplied by the customer). The physical graphic wrap itself is made of a high grade 3M material preventing peeling and fading.

GUI Touch-Screen Interface

IVS offers machines with touch-screen interfaces. This creates a friendly user experience, as it allows for the customer to browse products as they would on a website with corresponding images and descriptions. Touch screens range from 7” to 46” in size. The touch screens will come with a generic storyboard software interface, which will be customized with your brand, color-scheme and products. The customer is responsible for providing high-resolution logos and product images and descriptions.

Videos & Advertisements Via Flat Screen Display

While you have a captive audience at the machine, why not capitalize on that by playing advertisements of your product? IVS machines that include a touch screen also offer the capability of playing videos, advertisements, and static images when the screen is not in use. We also offer additional screens aside from the interactive screen, which can act as dedicated displays. These will need to be provided by the customer and will have to be sent in a specific file format. From that point, the media will be remotely uploaded to the machine via the back-end management portal.

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