“Measure your foot size on a smartphone, new Nike store opens in Shibuya” by Rintaro Kaneko, Engadget

Nike, a major sports equipment company, will open a new store “NIKE BY SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE” on the 2nd floor of the east building of Shibuya Scramble Square, a complex facility that opens on November 1st.

You can experience “Nike Fit”, which measures the size of your feet with a smartphone camera and suggests the optimal size shoes, and if you are a Nike member, once a week for 3 weeks, you can get free from vending machines installed in the store It is possible to receive goods at. Nike Fit is already available in some countries, such as the US and Europe, but it can only be used in real stores in Japan.

Standing on a mat placed in a store and holding the camera of a store-only terminal (smartphone), you can instantly read the data of each of 13 points on both feet in just a few seconds. The measured data is registered in the member information, and the shoes that match your feet are displayed on the screen of the store dedicated terminal. You can buy any shoes you like.

There are two stores where you can experience Nike Fit, NIKE BY SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE and NIKE HARAJUKU, which cannot be used on personal smartphones.

Nike members can also receive goods from vending machines installed in the store for free once every three weeks. In addition to this, you can also use the new function to search and reserve inventory using the official smartphone application that allows you to check and purchase the latest Nike product information, scan the store’s products and display product information.

Nike representatives have expressed plans to increase the number of physical stores linked to these apps in the future, and comment that they should try Nike Fit when they come to the store.