The Client: Flexfit

Project Type: Custom Retro Vending Machine

Flexfit came to IVS looking for something unique. They had a very specific image and concept of what they were looking for. They wanted a retro vending machine that looked like it would be found in the 1980s, was worn and weathered, yet incorporated new technology. IVS rose to the challenge by creating an entirely new retro vending machine, custom designed with the aesthetics of weathering and vandalism. That was only the beginning.

The machine then had to incorporate both a touchscreen interface and a traditional keypad interface, as well as a scanner for lead generation at for a tradeshow event. The guests would approach the machine, be prompted with steps to take via the 10” touchscreen, which told them to touch a specific key on the keypad, scan their badge, etc. They were them prompted to take a brief survey of their interest by answering with a specific key combination on the numeric keypad. Once that was done, the screen would then display the type of hat that would fit their interests, and it would then be dispensed.

Finally, after the dispense, the machine would then pop a lock that would trigger the machine to ride on an automatic caster system to move the machine, which would then reveal a secret entryway into the Flexfit booth. It was a truly unique and fun experience to work with Flexfit.