“Vending company goes high tech” by Dan Edwards, 2News

MIAMISBURG, Ohio (WDTN) – Here at Innovative Vending Solutions they’re taking the wraps off of their revolutionary new vending machines.  No longer for pop and candy bars – they’re interactive – dispensing non-traditional products in non-traditional locations.

Instead of punching buttons on a machine, you punch promo codes into your phone using social media. It’s called automated retail, perfected by IVS founder Patrick McDonald.

“We’re actually the first company in North America to actually dispense using Twitter which we started last year,” explained Patrick Mc Donald, CEO, Innovative Vending Solutions.

Much of their customized machines are made inside their facility in Miamisburg.

“Things started off a little slow about five years ago when we got started but it was still such a new concept, that even now it’s such a new concept that people are just now catching on,” said Jeff Thibodeau, VP Operations.

And catch on it has. Experts expect the industry to grow to around $49 billion dollars in the next five years.

While broadcasting in Chicago, late night comedian Conan OBrien used their machines to giveaway free t-shirts. In Canada, IVS is used for a marketing campaign to take your picture with Jell-O and put it on a billboard.