“TD Solar Powered Vending Machine Enables Company To Lower Carbon Footprint” from Vending Connection

Vending machines are in use around the world, and they’ve been a part of everyday life for over 100 years now, but most vending machines are still not solar–powered, that is, at least until now.


Companies like Canada’s Toronto Dominion Bank (TD) are using solar–powered vending machines to sell product and build brand awareness of their company while lowering their carbon footprint. The vending machine is one part of TD’s corporate strategy of educating consumers how TD does business and the benefits of a green economy. Technology for the solar vending machine is from Innovative Vending Solutions.

Their most recent TD Forests vending machine, located in Toronto, close to the Trinity-Bellwoods Park, dispenses branded TD items that only cost $1 each. These items included beach balls, kites, frisbees, sunglasses, and lunchboxes.

Located Near The Trinity-Bellwoods Park

Anyone who has visited Trinity-Bellwoods Park knows that this is a high traffic location, and the vending machine has received a lot of attention since this vending machine offered TD an opportunity to increase the awareness of their brand while serving the community at the same time.

The TD items that are sold from their vending machine are made from 100% environmentally friendly materials, and the vending machine also provides consumers with ideas for where they can use the items that they purchase from the vending machine in the park.

TD is one of the most respected banking and investment brands in the world, and they currently have well over 25 million customers.

As of 2020, the company has been ranked as one of the top online financial firms, and they have over 12 million online banking users worldwide.

Solar Power Enhances the Value of Vending Machines

In the age of Coronavirus, as more consumers rely on vending machines to get their food and beverages, solar–powered vending machines only enhances the value of vending machines. Consumers can have confidence in knowing that regardless of what’s happening with the power grid, as long as the vending machine is solar–powered, it’s always going to be working.

Vending owners who own solar–powered vending machines can also have confidence that their devices are offering consumers real value while they are also doing their part to lower their carbon footprint by owning an environmentally friendly vending machine.

Solar Vending – A Solution That Makes Sense

Solar powered vending is a solution that makes sense for vending operators everywhere because when a vending machine is equipped with solar, it will have the ability to generate its power and the owner of the machine will never have to be concerned with losing revenue because the machine doesn’t have any power.

Most solar–powered vending machines are equipped with two 24-volt batteries. This enables the machine to always have one battery that’s continuously powering the machine while the other battery is being charged.

With technology advancing, it’s easy for anyone to convert their vending machines to solar since most DIY conversion kits are “plug and play” and with the wide variety of tutorial videos available on websites like YouTube, vending owners can enjoy the benefits of solar–powered vending machines including saving hundreds of dollars in energy costs per location, each year.