“Should I Use a Digital Vending Machine for my Trade Show?” By Jeff Thibodeau, VP Operations

digital vending machine

By Jeff Thibodeau, VP Operations

As trade show season begins, clients are often looking for ways to engage their clients, add excitement to their booth, and give away swag in non-traditional ways. IVS has worked with hundreds of companies throughout the years that looked to bring a digital vending machine into their booth space. IVS is the originator when it comes to the custom vending machine rentals for trade shows and events. We started before vending machines were even being considered for anything other than snacks and sodas. As we started out in the non-traditional and retail items, the trade show arena began to become one of many avenues that was a perfect fit for our machines.

So…why are IVS custom vending machines a great fit for trade shows?

We often find our machines to be a great fit for companies that already give away swag at trade shows, but are looking for something beyond the standard “hand-out swag” conundrum that many booths are stuck in. They often have people grab multiple items of swag, don’t obtain useful information from visitors, and are often giving away high-priced swag to swag collectors, as opposed to real potential leads. The benefits of utilizing a swag vending machine are many…you can have an interactive marketing displayed for your brand, you can keep your swag contained and controlled, you can engage your audience directly, and you can even assign different levels of swag to different candidate types that visit your booth.

What types of consumer engagement can be used on the digital vending machine for my brand?

For a trade show, each company is looking to gather something different from their end client, and IVS knows this and has different options that are tailored for each brand. We have a variety of software applications available on our machines with the end result being that the guest receives a free product for that engagement. Anything before that free vend is pretty open ended. Typically, we have done software apps for trade shows that involve having the guests enter their personal data, take a survey for data collection, quiz/test their knowledge on your brand/product, scan QR codes/enter pin codes that are handed out at the show for attending different demos, post socially, and so on. The options are pretty limitless.

Do I have to purchase an IVS machine for my show or can I rent one?

This is a question we are asked all the time and the answer is, no, you do not have to purchase a machine for your event. Innovative Vending Solutions is the originator of the vending machine rental model for events and trade shows. We realize that you have a specific event or a limited time-frame where you would need to use the machine, and we are here to accommodate by allowing our customers to rent a machine anywhere from 1 day to 1 year and any time-frame in between. We know that you do not want to use a machine for an event, purchase it, and be stuck with a machine you have no other use for. Not saying we do not sell machines to clients if they are so interested, we definitely do. But, both options are on the table.

What is included with my IVS vending machine rental (or purchase)?

Whether it’s a rental or purchase, every IVS machine will be turn-key and include a custom graphic wrap designed by your team, a touchscreen of various sizes, a custom user-interface (designed by your team), a custom software application, and the machine will be set up and tested for your product. When the machine arrives, it is plug-and-play ready to go, all you will need is standard power and internet connectivity (hardline/wi-fi/mobile hotspot.) You let us know the shipping details, we can have it shipped directly to your location, whether dock-to-dock or white glove, and we can pick-up when need be as well. You are also more than welcome to have the machine picked up from our location in Ohio.

In conclusion…

An IVS digital vending machine rental or purchase is a great addition to any trade show booth. It adds excitement to your booth and is a great asset, both as a sales and marketing tool. Pricing is tailored to your event, so we are happy to assist with a price quote, and feel free to contact us and someone will be in touch with you right away. Thanks again and we look forward to working together in the near future!