“Reliving: Our Social Machine Throws it Back to Remember When” from STORY

Party like it’s 1999 much? In a nod to Remember When – the slime-filled STORY that brought all things ’90s back to life, back to reality – we’re bringing back your favorite old-school ’90s schwag. But, thanks to Innovative Vending Solutions, there’s a catch.

Remember when scoring pop rocks, ring pops, and pogs from the local vending machine meant having to have a quarter on you? Times, they’re a changing.

Thanks to IVS, you can make it rain toys, candy, and jewelry using only your social currency. Simply claim your ’90s street cred by tweeting two hashtags presented on the screen, and share your in-store experience on Twitter or Instagram (or both!).

Then voila, receive a surprise treat from an era that felt easy like Saturday morning cartoons. From Pixy Sticks, to Gobstoppers, to Nickelodeon-inspired flare like pins and keychains, we’ve got all that (and maybe even a bag of chips).