“NYC-based designer brings high-end jewelry collection to vending machine in Brooklyn park” by Andrew Ramos, PIX11

WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn — Most would agree the era of apps have made life a little easier and in most cases, innovation has completely cut out the middle man.

A sign of these times has surfaced at a park in Williamsburg where Manhattan-based jewelry designer Marla Aaron is selling her high end jewelry out of a vending machine.

“There are a lot of people who say ‘whoa that’s nuts, how are you going to leave that unattended’ but you know, I have faith in the human race,” Aaron told PIX11 News.

The vending machine has taken up residency at Vale Park right outside the William Vale Hotel on Wythe Avenue.

The idea to vend items from Aaron’s trendy collection materialized when she was traveling in Japan, a country ahead of the curve when it comes to automation.

“[They sold] little drinks, hot food, little keychains, little items – I was really just taken away by it all and I thought – I want to do that too,” she said.

The vending machine – which is stocked with unique pieces from her collection priced as low as $163 and as high as $1,500 – has become a hit in the neighborhood.

Curious patrons from across the area have traveled to the park in search of Aaron’s line.

For those wondering, it’s flanked with surveillance cameras and is almost impossible to break into.

While she has no immediate plans to close her 40 brick-and-mortar shops and head down the vending machine route full-time, she hopes her venture doesn’t go unnoticed.

“I hope our vending machine opens up a conversation about selling handmade items in vending machines,” she said. “I see many possibilities certainly for other jewelers but also for artists.”

The Marla Aaron Jewelry vending machine is open for business until October.