“Innovative Vending Machines Are On The Rise” from Vending Market Watch


Vending machines have become increasingly popular for consumers to make purchases on demand. There’s an initiative by some women at colleges looking for a Plan B vending machine. Another new vending machine in New York has made headlines for it’s jewelry. Vending machines are popping up all over the country, and oversees as well, like Coca-Cola’s pilot for a water vending machine that offers free plain water and a small fee for flavored or carbonated water.

These vending machines have captured the attention of consumers who are looking to make quick, convenient purchases. Some of the pilots have come through and been a smashing hit, and have expanded to including pop-up container stores, too. The US is just now beginning to experiment with different types of vending machines, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Editor’s Note: Vending machines are starting to offer different types of goods outside the realm of food and drinks. Capitalize on this trend by considering options for the locations you service to meet the changing demands of consumers.