“Denver Broncos Hop On Board The Twitter Vending Machine Trend” from Sport Techie

Image via DenverBroncos.com.

Last Sunday afternoon, the Denver Broncos debuted the NFL’s first Twitter-powered vending machine.

Sponsored by Bud Light, the vending machine prompts fans to tweet a specific message and a unique hashtag, after which it dispenses a special prize. The machine vends 200 prizes, including ticket upgrades, merchandise, skis signed by former quarterback Jake Plummer, and ski lift tickets. However, since free beer vouchers are also included in the prizes, people must be 21 or older to participate.

Brady Kellogg, the Vice President of Corporate Partnerships for the Broncos said, “We are constantly looking for ways to add value to the gamely stadium experience. The Broncos’ Bud Light Twitter vending machine offers a powerful combination of mystery gifts and technology our fans haven’t seen before.”

This isn’t the first time that a sports team has had such a vending machine; the Boston Red Sox had one last offseason, and the PGA Tour recently had their own at the FedEx Cup Playoffs. The Broncos simply seem to be picking up on a successful social media trend.

These vending machines speak volumes about the importance of social media to sports franchises and organizations. Treating Twitter mentions and hashtags like literal currency proves just how important this online presence is to sports franchises and organizations. These significant prizes are a lot to give away for simple tweets, yet that hasn’t deterred the Broncos, PGA Tour, or the Sox. Welcome to the digital age, everyone.