“Could my company benefit from a SWAG vending machine?” by Jeff Thibodeau, VP Operations

SWAG Vending Machine

By Jeff Thibodeau, VP Operations

Right now, in the custom vending machine market, there is a big interest from companies in all sizes and markets for investment opportunities in SWAG vending machines. Companies are looking to utilize SWAG vending machines to either sell or gift company-branded items to employees, guests, or tradeshow visitors.

As many of these companies reach out to us, it is still such a new concept that many are on the fence or are just researching, so Innovative Vending Solutions wanted to share some of the benefits a SWAG vending machine could provide to you and your company.

The first, and probably most key, benefit of a SWAG vending machine is that it allows for you to have a “company store” almost anywhere, especially when it does not make economic sense to open or staff a full-scale retail establishment.

SWAG vending machines allows you to have a retail footprint in areas that wouldn’t normally allow for it. They keep overhead low, do not require staff to operate, and will still allow for product to be sold. A SWAG vending machine isn’t your typical snack and soda setup – these machines allow you to sell almost any retail product, from t-shirts, caps, bottles, electronic accessories, and the list goes on.

Another great benefit of SWAG vending machines is the ability to give your employees or guests 24/7 access to your company-branded merchandise. The machines are flexible and allow you to sell the product via payment, give product away for free via some type of consumer engagement software application, or even have guests enter a code into the point-of-sale user-interface for a free product or a percentage off. This option is a great way to incentivize employees or to treat guests who may be visiting.

Although still a new concept, we have seen the demand for SWAG machines continue to increase as more and more companies begin to adopt this retail sales channel. We invite you to reach out“>reach out to Innovative Vending Solutions with any questions you may have or to help give you a customized quote based on what you are looking for.