Marketing & Event Rentals

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Marketing and Event Rentals

Don’t want to get into Automated Retail long term? Don’t want to be stuck having to store a machine? Only have a 1 night, 2 day, or even 6 month event? No Problem! IVS offers marketing and event rental solutions to alleviate these concerns. With an Event Rental through IVS, you still have the same great machine, experience, and customization, without the long-term commitment. Some of the benefits of event rentals include:

  • Custom Graphics Wrap Branding

  • Custom GUI branding

  • Internal product configuration based on your specific product

  • Touch-screen

  • Your choice of application (See software applications)

  • Your choice of specific machine to meet your product, size, and budget requirements


Pricing for Event Rentals will vary based on each situation and the exact details provided. Pricing will fluctuate based on Model, Rental Duration, Quantity of Machines, co-branding, etc… Please contact us directly with as many details about your event as possible for an accurate rental price quote.


Depending on the situation, IVS may offer co-branding as an opportunity for a discount on the rental price of a machine. Co-branding may include having IVS branding somewhere on your graphics wrap, IVS mentions in any PR/Media, IVS mentions on social networks, etc…


IVS will handle the set-up of all shipping to and from the event. Whether your machine is shipping to a loading dock, needs to be delivered to a street corner in NYC at 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning, or needs to be picked up at 2 a.m. post-event, IVS has you covered. Machines typically ship in crates to prevent damage. Shipping charges are additional to rental pricing, as rates vary based on specific circumstances.

IVS wants to help make your event rental as seamless and turn-key as possible. We strive to handle everything from start to finish, so that you do not have to have any worries when it comes to the machine aspect of your event. We look forward to working with you on your next event!